As for the Pistons side

As for the Pistons side, the well-known first five tigers, but also has left the NBA in recent years. After the 2011-12 season, the 37-year-old Benten retired; after the 2012-13 season Luke Johnson Adidas Jersey, 34-year-old Hamilton and 38-year-old Rashid Wallace retired; 2013-14 season ended Jean-Francois Berube Adidas Jersey, 37-year-old Billup Retired; 2015-16 season, 35-year-old Prince also bid farewell to the NBA, became the Pistons line-up last player to leave the league. Interestingly, Artest also announced not long ago to participate in the BIG3 league next year Collin Delia Adidas Jersey, and one of his teammates is the former partner Stephen Jackson. Before the Celtics coaching staff and top officials saw the players advance to the preseason, I was not sure if they realized how tall the team was on the flanks. Jerry Brown, 6-7 and 7-footer, is not as fair as starting shooting guard. When the Celtics sent three of Brown, Jason Tatum, Marcus Morris, Marcus Smarty (and Ojuelie) to the center as Ayr – Horford was present together and they were infinitely defensive and flawless in four positions Matt Tomkins Adidas Jersey.

This incident also led to the NBA

This incident also led to the NBA a series of reforms. Stern quickly summed up the three new rules reached all the teams: 1. Players must not enter the auditorium, any problems must be solved by security; 2. The fans must be responsible for their own words and deeds Vinnie Hinostroza Adidas Jersey, not because of the purchase The tickets can do whatever they want in the NBA arena; 3.NBA will review the security plan of all the arenas Collin Delia Adidas Jersey, the team must be adjusted immediately upon request. NBA arena, we are full of blood gas, there is a physical contact, fighting conflicts is a normal thing. At this time, if you are a player on the court, help your teammates out without breaking the rules and enhancing your brotherhood with your teammates to enhance your position on the team Kyle Baun Adidas Jersey. But who can think of today’s Lakers and the Sun game, when Pop and rival clashes Ryan Hartman Adidas Jersey, the ball brother glances, even straight away. Langzuo – Poll this season’s performance is not satisfactory, but in a game with the sun, when the teammate and the other players in the conflict, “Ball” glance straight away, the move triggered Widespread controversy, the Lakers will be handsome “ball brother” move some dissatisfaction, according to coach Luke – Wharton revealed that the Lakers have players have to find “ball brother” to communicate the matter, he hopes the players themselves to solve this matter.

The Alliance is under Stern

The Alliance is under Stern’s leadership developed a series of more detailed rules, the most important of these rules are: 1. The ballroom sold to fans of alcoholic beverages, the maximum capacity can not exceed 710 ml, and each person Only allow to buy two cups at the end of the third quarter of the game, the stadium does not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages to the fans. 2. Arrange at least three professional security guards between each team player and the audience Michal Rozsival Adidas Jersey. personnel. 3. The arena must check the seat before each game and resolutely put an end to the seat being manually pulled up again. And for this scene Collin Delia Adidas Jersey, the interpretation of the ball after the game Gobol is also difficult to understand, “This is the NBA, people will not really fight, so I try not to get a technical foul.” Read the game today, there User calls the Lakers should sell the ball brother, some people say that the ball brother should not only improve the shooting. Today’s game, the ball only 6 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, but this also can not change his bad start rate after the start of the season. Today there are a set of data drying out of the media, his career before 15 games Richard Panik Adidas Jersey, the ball hit the ball 30.3%, is the 1976-77 season, shot at least more than 150 times the player, the lowest. So far this season, Joel – Exibel has been very good performance, but the two most recent games in Los Angeles even more amazing, especially with the Lakers, “Great” crazy scored 46 points and 15 rebounds and 7 assists And 7 mind cap. Warriors coach Steve – Cole also praised libide performance, bluntly “great” is terrible Eric Semborski Adidas Jersey.

The Auburn Hills Palace event

The Auburn Hills Palace event was also the main reason the alliance launched the boot order in the 2005-06 season because at Stern they were too hip-hop players and did not fit in with Stern’s coalition Cody Franson Adidas Jersey. From this point of view, the impact of this incident is widespread and far-reaching. Ball brother on the court performance, EQ seems to have failed to meet the Lakers’ requirements, many fans now call, the Lakers should focus on training Kuzma, not the ball brother, today’s game Kuzma audience won 30 points 10 rebounds. And with his teammates Laurent Dauphin Adidas Jersey, Kuzma also have a better interaction, and now, the NCAA game has also begun today Kuzma social media also ridiculed Clarkson, “Clarkson, University of Utah won the University of Missouri Nearly 20 minutes. Embeed signed a five-year, $ 147 million top-salary contract before the start of the season with some questioning at the time Chicago Blackhawks Sweatshirts, but it now appears that Big One is definitely worthy of the contract, especially with the Lakers Battle, Embid hit the peak performance, but also won the respect. Cole praised Embed before today’s race with the Sixers, and he bluntly said “Exed was terrible in his game against the Lakers Drew Miller Adidas Jersey.